Female Journalists Capacity Enhancement Project

Project name Female Journalists Capacity Enhancement Project


Project Code 32243.100.XXX
Donor Asia Foundation
Email mohammadzubair.omer@asiafoundation.org
Project Type Journalist Capacity Enhancement
Start Date September 08, 2020
End Date November 23, 2020
Project Manager Hillai sakha
Email Hillaisakha1999@gmail.com
Contact Number 0796210126
Project Goal To support women in leadership positions in local media agencies with a particular emphasis on gender equality
Project Impact 1. Enhanced the social and cultural equality of twenty females journalists and gain the required self-confidence skills to work as self-sufficient journalists within any professional media organizations.
2. Reduced the recidivism rate of female journalists and consistent and vigorous enforcement of legal sanctions against the abuse of journalists.
3. Emerged technical capacities of local females’ journalists in leadership positions.