Policy Advocacy for Women’s Access to Economic Empowerment

Project name Policy Advocacy for Women’s Access to Economic Empowerment
Project Code G-HRT-005
Donor USAID Promote: Musharikat
Email Zahra_Ibrahimi@dai.com
Project Type Women’s Access to Economic Empowerment
Start Date May 01, 2017
End Date November 30, 2017
Project Manager Ramin Khanzahdah
Email Ramin@wise.org.af
Contact Number 798404545
Project Goal The overall goal was to strengthen and support advocacy efforts for economic, social, and cultural policies that positively affect the economic empowerment of women.
Project Impact The project has given utmost importance to improve the knowledge level of women and men regarding the advocacy-related issues in the context of how important advocacy knowledge can be for people to help them to advocate about their rights. As a result, about 90% of the conducted advocacy training and advocacy campaigns have a good knowledge of the mode of transmission of democracy in the society, and the advocacy activities literally amplified the target community’s voice in many civilians. This is measured through the M&E tool such as include monitoring checklists, measuring the physical performances, attendance registers, individual interviews, feedback from, Musharikat nearby activity visit, RSI representatives that they were invited in each signal activity as well including local authorities, (Economy Department, DoWA).
The project’s impact on the organization itself is the strengthened communication between all stockholders based on group interactions and structured interpersonal communication to move beyond the message through face to face interaction, dialogues, and critical reflection. However, as a whole, the project impact and results are assessed across three areas of intended interventions, building the capacity of sub-coalitions members, other trainees, and beneficiaries who were participated in the advocacy awareness campaigns as the quality of information and effective training conducted in the most proper method. In many ways, the impact of this project on the WISE Organization context was positive and enabled the organization to creation of strong social networks, while engaging citizens in public affairs and increased access to a policy of governmental entities, and advocate for gender equality to improve the transparency of government in decision-making, and created an opportunity to women to influence in participation to have a role in policymaking.