Advisory Board Meeting

Title of event The first advisory board of the Women’s Integrity for Society Empowerment organization
Date December 29, 2020
Participants –        Mr. Basit Ahmady  

–        Mr. Wase Sayedi

–        Mr.Fardina Salehi

–        Ms.Naqiba barakzy

–        Mr. Tariq Aziz

–        Ms. Monira Faizadah

–        Mr. Jawad Amid

–        Ms. Omida Amini

–        Board of Directors member

–        Executive Director of WASSA

–        Executive Director of SDA

–        Executive Director of FJA

–        Board of Directors members & Business trainer of Cordaid

–        Director of Publications and Gender Affairs of DoLSA

–        Executive director of CIVICO

–        WISE Program manager

Presented by Ramin Khanzada Director of WISE
Purpose of meeting The purpose of this advisory meeting is to discuss the achievements of the organization during the last few years, opportunities, challenges, policies, and strategic plans for the next five years.
Importance of advisory board for NGO by Mr. Sayedi

WASSA Executive Director

Mr. Sayedi talked about the importance of advisory members and their guidance for the service provided by the organization to the community and how their advice will have a significant result and explained the advisory boards are seven to nine individuals who bring unique knowledge and skills with a augment the knowledge and skills of the formal board of directors in order to more effectively guide the organizations.
Discussed issues 1-    Organization introduction, purpose, vision mission   & logo.

2-    Introduction of the board of directors.

3-    Selection of advisory board members  

4-    Project achievements

5-    Organization policies and endorsement.

6-    Introduction of Organization website

7-    Opportunities

8-    Challenges

9-    Future Plan

10- Discuss the organization bylaw  

11- Recommendations for changes and improvement

The first meeting of the Advisory Board of the Women’s Integrity for Society Empowerment organization conducted.

On December 22, 2020, the first meeting of the Advisory Board was held in the presence of the Board members in the WISE conference room in order to evaluate, determine the future direction of the organization’s programs and activities.

In this meeting, the members of the Advisory Board, each member according to their field of expertise regarding the future direction of the organization to achieve the goals, vision, and values presented their useful and constructive suggestions and solutions, which were welcomed by the Advisory Board and the organization.

In the end, while appreciating the participation of the board members and holding the first meeting, the Executive Director of the organization undertook to make every effort to follow and implement the opinions of the board members, and share the result of their suggestion and recommendation report with the board members in the next meeting.

The advisory board of the institute consists of expert, committed and honest people of the society, each of whom has very valuable reserves in different fields. The WISE Organization wishes all the best to the board members and thanks to them and wants to continue their cooperation with the organization.