International Women Day


Date: 08 Mar, 2021

Report date:
09 Mar 2021 Reporters name and contact details: Ghulam Rasool Wakili
Project Coordinator

Name and Type of Event International Women Day:
Campaign name: Experience-sharing and Supporting Session: Pioneering Female Change-makers
Organized by: WISE
Places: Herat
Funded by: TDH & BMZ
Number of participants
Herat: 65 participants (64 females including the beneficiaries, staff, and the guests and 1 male)

Major Activities 1. Welcoming
2. Recitation of Holy Quran
3. Explaining about 8th of March event
4. Poetry and article reading about Women
5. The Women rights from Islamic perspective
6. Local female change-makers sharing their stories
7. Giving awards to the guests
8. Taking photographs
Key facilitators 1. Miss. Omida Amini – Program Manager
2. Mr. Neman Nassar – Psychosocial Counsellor
3. Peace club members and volunteer groups
A brief outline of key issues addressed in the event
The issues addressed included:
1. On March 08, 2021, the project team in Kahdestan, Herat, celebrated International Women Day for 65 participants. The program manager of WISE Miss. Omida Amini welcomed all the participants and the guests, and also briefly talked about the goal and role of organization and the BMZ project in supporting women and girls and the 8th of March event and the reason behind celebrating this day.
4. The peace club members and volunteers read some articles and poems describing women and their position in society. The value woman has and their role in growth and development of children and promotion of any kind in the world.
5. In the following, Mr. Neman Nassar, the psychosocial counselor of the project spoke about women and their rights from Islamic perspective and the principles and issues modified by Islam for behaving with women and how the woman should and can gain their rights and live side by side with men in the society.
6. Ms. Shakiba one of the guests shared her success stories with the female participants and explained where she has started from her work in agriculture component activities and how she expanded her bee-keeping activities. She also instructed the participants with new ideas for growing in the local market to gain such achievements in making changes in their lives. Meanwhile the other guest, Ms. Laila also talked about her story and how she has changed her living conditions and the methods and ways she has used for creating entrepreneurship for women in the local community.
7. As a final part of the program, the project team handed in some awards to the special guests and in the closing, all participants with an orange ruban tied on their wrist raised their hands in support of women and celebrated this day.
Challenges • Hopefully, there was no major challenge during celebrating the event.
Remarks • During the program, all participants particularly the females were given mask both to respect the international hygienic protocols and also to agree for taking pictures or any other document.
• Refreshment (Tea and Cake) was distributed among all participants.