My Planet – My Rights


Purpose A healthy environment severely is must be recognized as a human right. Since children are hardest hit by environmental degradation and climate change, we as the citizen of this country responsible to keep our community and the environment clean to save our children’s health.
Quote Children are our future we have to ensure that the messages and priorities identified by children really matter that they reflect their message to their parents while they are still a child.
Implemented Women Activity for Social Service Association. Women integrity for Society Empowerment Organization & RSDO
Celebration day November 21, 2020
Goal of celebration My Planet – My Rights! Recognize Children’s Right to A Healthy Environment!
Major achievements theme of this year.


This program conducted by initiative TDH and organized with the partnership of WASSA, WISE & RSDO on the occasion of International Children’s Day. In this program, the WASSA peace consultant welcomed the parents, children, and other participants. Prior to the inauguration of the child game to draw out their ideas for My planet-My right, he spoke about the children’s rights and the role of parents in child protection. Then the children are divided into 9 groups and a flipchart distributed to each group separately to display their ideas in the flipchart for the protection of a healthy environment. In the end, the representative of each group represented the drawings that they made and why they have chosen this subject, and the currencies they have in mind explained. at the end of the program, all the children took their drawings in their hands as asked to take memorial a photo
Conclusion The event ended with refreshment for all participants and appreciated the children for shared their vision on this gathering to celebrate My Planet – My Rights!