WPP Lobbying and Advocacy for Women’s Political Participation Conference

WPP Lobbying and Advocacy for Women’s Political Participation Conference
31 January 2021
West Region
Conference Date: 31 January 2021
Venue: Tajarat Hotel, Herat, Afghanistan
Participants: Coalition Members from West Region
VIPs: Please add name and positions
Ms. Monsa Hassanzada Deputy of Governor
Ms. Ansia Sarwary Directorate of Women Affairs
Ms. Maria Mainayar Prosecution of Violence
Ms. Atia Elahi Women Right protection and promotion officer
Ms. Sakina Husseini Member of provincial Council
Mr. Atiqullah Shariyar Director of Justice
Mr. Shafi Azimi Recruiter of provincial Governor

The objective of this conference was to “To lobby and advocate for increased participation of women in politics and local governance” as well as to introduce the Introducing WPP Advocacy Group members to participants to be familiar with them and priorities and challenges women face forward their political participation regional vice to enable the WPP Group for further advocacy.
Keynote Speaker
Please explain what they talked about, the key points, and quotes.
The conference is opened by reciting of holy Quran and soon after afghan national anthem.

Initially, conference facilitator Mr. Khanzada, extended his most sincere congratulations and wishes to the members of the coalitions that work to facilitate women’s political participation. Special thanks to the members of the Coalition for Women’s Political Participation who work to create this coalition and hold this program and work to increase the role and political participation of women.
Mushariket project is designed for the women empowerment that has been formed in Afghanistan and through financial and technical issues supporting the coalition members for implementation Mushariket project activities under each coalition and these efforts are made to increase the political and participatory role of women in the government.

Currently, Mushriket have 12 coalitions, and for this year they are focus on three coalitions and through these coalitions, litigation programs in three areas:

 Coalition for the Prevention of Violence against Women
 Coalition for Women’s in Political Participation
 Coalition of women in the peace process

It should be noted that the members of these coalitions are civil activists, civil society organizations, members of provincial councils, religious leaders, school teachers, and university instructors.

Upon to know the Mushrikat program involved more than 376 civil society organizations and 7327 individual activists in its coalitions, which are involved in all participation programs.

In the end, the social deputy governor invited behind the sermon table, and she appreciated the Mushariket for its outstanding program especially for women in political participation.

WPP Coalition Member Introduction
The announcer of the conference named the number of 13 WPP coalition members who are about to advocate about the “Women’s in Political Participation” after each groups member presented the result of their discussion based on the result of identified challenges, and suggestion for solutions they will develop a plan to lobby and advocate for increased participation of women in the Afghanistan cabinet and provincial governor offices.
Panel Discussion
The panel members through specific questions explained the most important achievements in the matter of women in political participation during the last two years. During this panel, the most challenges, recommendations, and solutions are discussed and presented to all audiences including the high authorities of Herat local govern.
In the end, Ramin Khanzada, a member of the coalition, appreciated 18 people including the mentioned VIPs, members of coalitions, and active civil society representatives.