Creating a Network to Fight against Corruption

Lack of transparency and accountability within the government departments and poor level of awareness among people regarding the regulations and working procedures in these departments has always led the society to a chaotic environment in which escalation of corruption is the result.

WISE-O, to overcome this challenge of corruption and put the people in the picture of what is going on within the government department. Designed and implemented five administrative workshops were conducted that enhanced the capacity of One Hundred Twenty (120) CSO members, Media & University Students to perform their role as independent development actors more effectively and to enhance efforts to promote responsiveness, transparency, and accountability of Local Authorities in the provision of essential services in an equitable way to citizens. Besides, from 120 persons, the most talented 50 persons consisting of 30 females & 20 males selected for advance anti-corruption training and established a network. They were taught navel topics related to anti-corruption and advocacy processes to increase their representation and support the meaningful and structured participation of local governance processes that lead to the delivery of improved and equitable services.

Soon after conduction of training, 10 persons comprising of five females and five males selected to conduct 20 anti-corruption campaigns in Herat Centre and 3 districts of Herat# Karukh, Kushk-e-RobatSangi, and Zanda Jan. The ten network members successfully conducted 20 anti-corruption campaigns for five hundred people including 293 females and 211 males in the aforementioned locations. They increased the understanding of the community with information on the harm of corruption and the importance of legislative changes, their rights, and entitlements, the rule of citizens for mitigation of corruption, welfare provisions, as well as other useful information on how to do advocacy and fight against corruption.

To measure this, WISE senior management conducted several interviews with females and males who participated in anti-corruption training and campaigns about the impact of those programs. They all confirmed that the campaigns were effective in improving their advocacy skills and raise awareness in the host community on avoiding bribery and to experience a better life that has been prevented due to existing of corruption.

“I believe almost everyone who gets into government agencies, know enough about existing corruption, but understanding this issue is not enough and we should take share to bring changes. Training like this is constructive and in fact, a good reminder to all of us about the responsibility we carry to avoid corruption and help others to enjoy a workplace free of any corruption. ”, said Sharareh Azizi one of the participants in the training.