Herat Peacebuilding Workshop Success Story

Building Stronger Communities Through Social Peace

Kahdestan located 15 km east of Herat City, the Kahdestan Cluster is one of the biggest village clusters in Injil District. The cluster is comprised of two main parts: Old Kahdestan village and a new Kahdestan village approximately 3 km away that is mostly populated by returnees and IDPs. The population of Kahdestan is around 75000 people. 

The family conflict is high in kahdestan village and almost the relationship between villages is not a good and almost a whole group of secondary-school students sometimes marched into another village and fight together on very simple issue destroy the situation of villages. These issues happen only due to not accepting each other and the bypass people hesitant to stop them because they are afraid to not be harmed.

Finally, after the WISE established its center through the THD initiative to conducting a peacebuilding program to make a bridge between communities for coexistence and improved their capacities in order to enable them to not be again each other and enable the environment for social peace and working independently for social change and together solve their social problems through conducting very useful and valuable workshops.

Therefore, the WISE organization has had been able to conduct six-round peacebuilding and conflict resolution workshops, five rounds were for females and one round was male that finally 56 females and 15 males based on the project objective.

During the last workshop, a man indicated that we are born in the war and our minds are full of war issues and we have not been thought about peace and this situation was very tough for our family’s members special our children, and they are frustrated ongoing social threats and communities lack acceptance. My sister participated in your workshop and she strongly motivated me to participate and invite others to participate too and she emphasized that once you know about the peace surely you will have a positive impact on our community and her viewpoints gave hope in my heart to participate in WISE workshop and now I believe that we are responsible for social change and he promised to be aware other community members about the vision of this center for peacebuilding in the village to grew up in and how the people empowered and gain technical skills for conflict resolution.