Herat psychosocial Success Story

A joyful life is an individual creation that cannot be copied from a recipe.

WISE Organization through the TDH funding program its psychosocial services in Kahdestan village support in the form of Trauma Healing Counseling Services both females, males, and children who are victims of abuse and violence, supporting the emotional needs and rights of the women and girls in their families and communities.

Since the start of psychosocial activities, the WISE psychosocial male employee closed worked with 26 returnees, 3 displaced and 31 host community regained their psychosocial wellbeing and his counseling sessions were very effective that reduced troubling thoughts and feelings and the community misbehaved has changed with children.

One of the most host community members was Mr. Sheida who a client of psychosocial in Kadestan village, he has 42-year-old, he has experienced a very difficult period of life in Afghanistan and for some reason, he was forced to be a member of the war parties in Afghanistan. 

The devastating effects of the wars in Afghanistan had a very severe psychological effect on Sheida and he is was very upset about this and at some time he lost one of his legs through a roadside explosive.

Sheida had to endure a lot of other stress and grief over the loss of a key organ. The heavy burden of losing an organ, the state of war, and the mental anxiety after the explosion were not enough; Sheida was the head of a family of 10 members, as well as the responsibility and care of an elderly parent.

Given the conditions of the war, meeting the basic needs of a family of three or four was almost difficult and impossible for both healthy people, but Shida, with a disabled, had no choice. The same problems of war, the pressure, and stress caused by it, the problems of disability as well as economic problems go hand in hand and the stress becomes chronic and finally the stress of using drugs to get rid of less mental and psychological suffering.

 It turns out that not only did he not solve the problem, but also caused more and more problems and caused more severe changes in behavior (violence, aggression and family conflicts, etc.) and cognition (feelings of emptiness, worthlessness, depressed mood, etc.). Finally became a disorder in individual, interpersonal, family, and social relationships.

After participating in counseling sessions and after deeply listened to the counselor advice and the method of each session used a cognitive-behavioral approach, examining negative self-coming thoughts, examining the underlying factors (cognitive and interpersonal behavioral situation), examining cognitive distortions (thinking all or none, general Orientalism, time causality, mental filtering, ignoring the positives, emotional thinking, and labeling) model therapy and according to the traditional and Islamic conditions of Afghanistan. The use of religious teachings, participation in family therapy, and 8 sessions of individual counseling to satisfy the recovery situation. Finally, he decided to quit drugs after 20 years in order to change his life.  This is worth mentioning that he mobilizes the community to participate in psychosocial counseling which is really necessary for those who are suffering from their mental health to return to a normal state of health which was a useful approach and the number of our clients is improved.